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Midweek bible study and prayer meeting

Wednesday - 7.30pm to 9pm


The meeting is held in the Church building, except on the first Wednesday of each month when we meet in ‘Home Groups’. Please ask for details of your closest group.


Our Wednesday Bible Study provides the context for an in-depth, interactive study of God’s word. Our general practise is to take a book of the Bible and, over a number of weeks or months, to study it section by section from beginning to end. As always, we seek to understand its meaning and its relevance for each of our lives.


From time to time we interrupt this pattern to study a topic in the light of the Bible’s teaching. The format varies depending on the material, but the studies are interactive (either throughout, or after a talk), with discussion and questions very much encouraged!


The Bible study is followed by a time when we pray together. After the meeting hot drinks are served and you are welcome to stay and chat.

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