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Global church

God is building a church of people from every tribe, nation and language. Throughout the world his people are to proclaim the good news and to do good. We try to support a number of people and churches seeking to take out the gospel or share the love of Christ.


For example:


Jeyakanth works with churches in Sri-Lanka in church planting and care for the needy. Based in London, he makes frequent trips to Sri Lanka to teach, advise and encourage. Click here for further information.


Will Niven is an elder at the Way of Peace Church in Fier, Albania. He is seeking to disciple the Christians there and develop them in the use of their spiritual gifts so that they can lead the church. There are also many opportunities to reach out with the gospel in the surrounding towns and villages. More information can be found here.


We also support a Christian School in the far east… an HIV/AIDS care home in Welkom, South Africa… a local church in North Cyprus… and have various other global interests!

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