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The Lord's supper

1st and 3rd Sunday of each month - 10am to 10.30am


The death of Jesus in the place of the guilty lies at the heart of our faith and the Bible exhorts us regularly to commemorate it by eating bread and drinking wine together (which symbolise his broken body and shed blood). Thus we stir each other up in love and gratitude to God for his great love shown us in Jesus Christ and we look forward to the glorious return of our Lord, ushering in the eternal age.


Our Lord’s Supper meetings typically include an open time where members are able to participate by praying, reading from the Bible or choosing a suitable hymn or song for us to sing.


The Lord’s Supper is for all those who are trusting solely in the Lord Jesus Christ and in his death for the forgiveness of their sins and their hope of Eternal Life – and who have expressed their faith in baptism and are living in submission to the Risen Lord Jesus and in fellowship with his people.


If this is true of you, then the bread and the wine are for you – to be taken as a joyful privilege and solemn responsibility. If you are not sure that this is true of you, you are welcome to come to these meetings but you are asked not to take the bread and the wine.

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