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Why Grace Church?


We are a worshipping church.  Our Lord is an all-powerful Saviour, a consuming fire, and an all-satisfying treasure.  Our number one priority is to bring honour to the awesome God who made us and rescued us.


We are a Bible-centred church.  We aim to bring every part of our life together under the authority of God’s flawless word. The Bible contains everything we need to know to get right with God and live well for him.


We are a church with good news to share. Our great ambition is for people from all backgrounds to become followers of Jesus Christ, in our area and throughout the world.  We are praying that God will bring this about.


We are a church committed to shared leadership and to developing the shared gifts of all Christ's diverse people as we serve one another.  


We want our meetings to be welcoming, accessible, reverent and joyful.  We want to build people up in knowledge, faith and love (from the youngest to the oldest!).  We want our commitment to God’s glory, God’s word, the good news and the local church to shape all of our methods and associations.

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